Wednesday 7th of July is another really important date as it is the 7th day of the 7th month of the year. This is known as the 7:7 portal and presents us with a fabulous opportunity to work with the extraordinary incoming energies for our highest good and healing.

What is a portal?
A portal is an energetic gateway to an expanded state of consciousness. It creates a powerful opportunity to connect with higher energies so we can make huge shifts in our life. We can make the most of each portal if we work with the incoming energies by integrating and honouring these energies.

The importance of numbers:

In numerology, every number from 0 to 9 is a symbol and is therefore highly significant. Symbols are the language of the soul, so are not easily understood by the logical mind. Patterns of numbers work together like a code and are interpreted by the subconscious mind. We can use these power days (7/7) to connect more fully with our higher nature and consciously choose to elevate our awareness, vibration and level of understanding.

The meaning of the 7:7 portal
The 7:7 gateway is a portal of light that will transmit activational codes by streaming rays of light down onto planet earth.

The Sun is in Cancer (nurturing) and 7 (the number of spirit, wisdom and spiritual awareness), is the perfect day to manifest a deeper connection with the energies that illuminate and guide our journey from the higher realms.

Once identified, choose to let go of this old mental patterning and beliefs. Release it and let it go. Release the past with love in your heart and then choose to invite in newer, higher vibrations to take their place.

On this day try the following to connect with the lightcodes flooding earth at this time.
Breathing in and out, visualise the incoming light codes flowing down through you and then down into the Earth.

Anchor the energies within you and then ground them into Mother Earth.

You are the channel for Divine Light.

The energies are flowing through you, activating cellular light codes within you.

Let the light do the work.

Just focus on the light moving through you.

Do this until you feel it is time to stop.

Drink lots of pure water.

Express gratitude to the Universe by bringing your hands together in front of your heart and saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’.

Go for a walk in nature or book a Soul Session for further guidance at

We can also ask the Universe to help us receive the guidance that we need in order to live our best possible life. By releasing all limitations , we can bring our highest potential to this world and shine like the fabulous inspired beings that we truly are, connected to both the physical and spiritual worlds.