Game of Life
I stumbled across the Game Of Life course in late 2020 after initially wanting to do something much more light-hearted. But the course I was after wasn’t running until the Spring time. So instead of just going home, I decided to take a chance on this strangely intriguing course. And I’m really glad that I did. On walking in the door on the first night, I was greeted by Grainne, the very friendly instructor. And I immediately felt at ease in her presence. I found her to be warm and inviting, someone you felt like you knew for years even though you’d just met.
And of the course itself, well I didn’t know what to expect at all, having just chanced upon it. But without giving too much away, it’s about learning to see life differently, almost like a game. This was revelatory to me and I would encourage anyone who wants to change the way they see the world to give the Game Of Life a try. It opened my eyes to the impact each of us have on people and the society at large. And it gives techniques for dealing with difficulties that may arise along the way. It’s a serious topic but dealt with through compassion, understanding and laughter. I really enjoyed it. If you’re looking for something different and want to challenge yourself, give this a go. You won’t regret it. Dave

Artist’s Way
I have just completed the ten-week course, The Artist’s Way, with Grainne Tyndall. Or as Grainne would say, “You are just beginning.” It was the most fulfilling course that I have ever experienced. For many years, I have been reading and researching books, workshops and podcasts for something to really bring me to my true best self. Well, this is it! The course follows the book, The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Grainne takes that glorious book and with gentle prodding, brilliant feedback, and years of experience, brings out the creative and true self of each participant. Each week our group met on Zoom and started to unpack and learn about ourselves. Do yourself a favor and jump in! This will prove to be one the best journeys you have ever been a part of!
Denise Fischer, PA, USA

Soul Reading
I had a session with Grainne last year and it is still resonating with me , she did a soul reading and she had me to a t in that session , we have kept In touch since and her wisdom, generosity and insight is second to none . She explained my life path number and what it meant for me for this past year , it’s encouraged me to live more the way I want to and get rid of the things I don’t need anymore so I’m very grateful to Grainne for that.
Aoibheann Mcginnity

Anam Cara

I highly recommend “Anam Cara” with Gráinne for anyone who has been in difficult relationships or who is feeling lonely and wants to work on their self esteem to attract better relationships & have a better relationship with themselves. When I saw Gráinne’s advert for the course asking if I had been in a narcissistic relationship and wanted something different in future relationships I knew this course was for me! Through the weekly exercises and wonderful guidance of Grainne I learnt to be my own soul mate by improving how I treated & talked to myself. I no longer felt lonely and I started focusing on things that brought me joy in my life. It truly is a life changing course.
Annmarie, Therapist