Soul Session Through Numerology

What is a Soul Reading?

A Soul Reading is using Numerology, the ancient science of numbers along with my spiritual gifts to help my clients understand their Soul Contract.

What is a Soul Contract?
Each lifetime we agree before birth to take on a specific mission. Our Celestial teachers call this assignment our Soul Contract, Blueprint or Life Purpose.

Each individual has their own plan and my role is to help you to remember your Soul Contract and to begin what you are here on earth to experience and complete.

I work with your full name from your birth certificate along with your date of birth and I also use my spiritual gifts to connect with your angels, spirit guides and ancestors.

i create a chart defining your purpose, potential, skills, forecasting pinnacles and possible challenges, what your soul is urging you to experience, your personality and your destiny. I cover all aspects of the human experience such as relationships, health and wellbeing, career choices, spiritual purpose and also generational healing.

A one hour and 10 min Soul Session is recorded on Zoom and is €100

A 30 min Soul Session is recorded on Zoom and is €50

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